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Volume 12 Number 2

June, 2012



Committee and Co-odinators’ Reports

Rotherham FHS Publications

Projects & National Burial Index

Photographs & Diary Dates

New Members and their Interests

Members’ Articles:

Don Island – Lauraine Palmeri

1940s Festivals – Life in Wartime – Linda Gamton

The Man with no Face – Barry Jackson

The Wandering Flutes – Barrie Trinder

Hickling’s Shop; the shop that sold almost everything! – Hilary Jackson

Relics & Records Of Men & Manufacturers – Joe Leach

Workhouse And Infirmary 1911 Census

Snippets from the Sheffield Independent, Part 1 – Pat Bagnall

Arson Attack on Historic Chapel

Book Reviews

Editor’s Quiz -answers from the previous Quiz

Last But Not Least

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